“…Ricercare…” for Pf – Solist: M° M. G. Bellocchio

Duration: 10’44”

Mixed Media

“Studio” (2009) – for Bb Clarinet + Live Electronics

Duration: 13’56”


“Flauviol” – for Magnetic Tape 

Duration: 12’52”

“Pizzicato-Stuck” for Viola and Guitar 

Duration: 7’59”

“New Piano Project (2014 – 16) – for  Piano and LiveElectronics

Duration: 7’33”

“…Di una Notte Primaverile” – for Magnetic Tape

Duration: 8’40”

“Trio a Specchio” – for fl., vlc, pf

Duration: 13’12”

“Playing with the durations of a Fugue”

Duration: About 10′

FL – ARTICOLAZIONI for Magnetic Tape

Duration: 8’20”

“D’approfondir Le Secret Douloureux Qui Me Faisait Languir”, for Flute and Guitar 

Duration: 9’44”

“Reve Parisien II” for Piano and Baritone Voice (1985)

Duration: 7’52”

“Divertimento/Studio” for solo Cl.  – Performer: M° E. Lega 

Duration: 19’19”

In November 2017, Cesare Gallo has received a new commission from Vagues Saxophone Quartet, for  a new piece entitled “Figure 2”. The rehearsals will begin in February 2017, where the composer will be a special guest of Dipartimento per le Nuove Tecnologie  – Milan and Kernel Studios Milano. (

Recordings will be soon available! Stay tuned!